Rear Monoball Mounts Installation Instructions.

E39 M5 parts shown.

Also available for non-M E39 5-Series, and E38 7-Series.



  1. Take apart the mounts (cut zip ties), set metal sleeves apart, you will not need them until the very end. Note their respective location prior to taking them apart.



  1. Place all 4 of the mounts in the freezer for at least 2 hours.




  1. Evaluate your exiting control arms and especially the way old bushings are installed. As you can see from pictures below there’s quite a bit of slack in accuracy. Ideally, once the new mounts are installed they should be flush the face of the arm.



  1. Press out old bushings making a note of their location corresponding to front or rear of the car. Monoball mount delrin retainers are sized differently for front and rear application. They are marked accordingly.



  1. Please pay attention to the bevels on the arms: you MUST start installation of the delrin retainers from the side with bevel to make installation much easier and help avoid damage to delrin parts. When pressing in monoball mounts it is advisable to heat control arm prior to installation as well as cool the mount. Heat gun and freezer work well.




  1. As mentioned above, mounts are shipped with proper markings. Please make sure to follow them. Small OD is for rear application and large OD is for the front of the car. (OD=overall diameter)



  1. Heat up the part of the arm where the mount will be installed



  1. Installed retainers should as close to being flush on both sides as possible.



  1. Install retainers into the arms, Smaller ID goes to the front of the car, larger to the back. (ID=internal diameter)



  1. The arms are ready to be installed. Please mark the position of eccentric bolts prior to disassembly, although wheel alignment is highly recommended after the installation.